What did that property sell for?
Real estate recordings do not contain the selling price of the property.

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1. Who will prepare my documents for recording?
2. How is property ownership conveyed from one party to another?
3. I made a change to the document and need to record it over. Can documents be re-recorded?
4. What is your document turn around time?
5. Where is my release deed? The loan company said they sent it for recording.
6. Why was my document rejected?
7. What did that property sell for?
8. Can I get the closing information (book / page, date / time, etc.) from the Recorder's Office?
9. Will you to do a lien search for me?
10. When will I receive the deed to my property?
11. Are there easements on my property?
12. I want to prepare my own document. Do you have the forms?
13. How do I get a tax lien off my credit report?