Partners in Preparedness

Become a Partner

CCHD is beginning its Partners in Preparedness Program (PIPP) to strengthen the resiliency of our community. Our goal is to provide tools to organizations, groups and individuals so they can make plans and connect with resources before a disaster. CCHD partners with non government organizations (NGOs), government agencies, and human services to develop plans and build relationships for when disaster strikes.

Partners with facilities can help during a large scale disaster by providing:

  • American Red Cross Shelter.

    • Temporary housing to those affected by a disaster. 

    • Train volunteers through the American Red Cross sheltering course.

  • Pet Sheltering 

    • Relevant veterinary offices and animal care facilities with the ability to house a temporary surge of pets and/or livestock. 

  • Family Assistance Center 

    • A place for families to gather for reunification, receive information about loved ones and claim possessions during a mass casualty event. 

  • Multi-Agency Resource Center

    • A place where disaster response organizations and those affected by disasters can go to connect after an event to start the recovery process. 

  • Volunteer Reception Site

    • A location for spontaneous volunteers can gather to be credentialed and assigned work before deploying to the field.

  • Donations Management Center

    • A facility for donations to be received, processed and stored.

Click here and contact our Emergency Manager if your organization is interested in serving as one of these facilities.

Personal Preparedness