Social Media Policy

Cass County, Missouri

Social Media Policy

We welcome your comments, however, please note this is a moderated online discussion page and

not a public forum. Comments made by the public to any social media page under the control of

Cass County will be monitored and while they will not be removed based on their opinion or

viewpoint, the County reserves the right to remove comments that include:

• Comments unrelated to the purpose and topical scope of the page.

• Obscene or sexual content or links to obscene or sexual content.

• Incitement to imminent lawless action.

• Speech presenting a grave and imminent threat.

• Fighting words.

• True threats.

• Fraud.

• Defamation (libel/slander).

• Solicitations to commit, or speech integral to, criminal conduct.

• Information that could reasonably compromise public safety.

• Promotion or advertisement in favor of, or in opposition to a political campaign or

Candidate or ballot measure.

• Content posted by automatic software programs (i.e., "bots").

• Copyrighted material (if posted without the copyright holder's consent).

The County may take steps to remove a comment if it falls within one of the foregoing categories.

By posting or commenting you agree to these terms of use. If a social media user's comment is

removed, the moderator will make a good-faith effort to notify the user that the comment was

removed and the reason for its removal.