COVID-19 Data

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About Testing

A PCR test looks for the viral RNA in the nose, throat, or other areas in the respiratory tract to determine if there is an active infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  A positive PCR test means that the person has an active COVID-19 infection.  This is currently the only type of diagnostic test available for COVID-19.

Total PCR Tests Performed
(Cass County Residents)
 29,361 (to date 10/10/2020)
Total % Positive of All Cass County Patients Tested by PCR
7.18% (to date 10/10/2020)
Weekly PCR Tests Performed 
(Cass County residents)
2,296 (10/4/2020-10/10/2020)
Weekly % Positive of All Cass County Patients Tested by PCR
6.36% (10/4/2020-10/10/2020)

Testing Events

Testing DateLocation# Tested# Positive# Negative% Positive
7/2/2020Cass Regional603575.00%
7/9/2020Cass Regional99168316.16%
7/14/2020Cass Regional1341811613.43%
7/16/2020Cass Regional113189515.93%
7/22/2020Belton Regional774735.19%
7/23/2020Cass Regional86216524.42%
7/29/2020Belton Regional95177817.89%
7/30/2020Cass Regional7396412.33%
8/5/2020Belton Regional78225628.21%
8/6/2020Cass Regional59134622.03%
8/12/2020Belton Regional78126615.38%
8/13/2020Cass Regional4664016.67%
Belton Regional4293321.43%
8/20/2020Cass Regional3553014.29%
8/26/2020Belton Regional585538.62%
8/27/2020Cass Regional2652119.23%
9/2/2020Belton Regional3492526.47%
9/3/2020Cass Regional4974214.29%
Belton Regional42113126.19%
9/10/2020Cass Regional4263614.29%
Belton Regional4954410.20%
9/17/2020Cass Regional3853313.16%
Belton Regional3873118.42%
9/24/2020Cass Regional242228.33%
9/30/2020Belton Regional89127713.48%
10/1/2020Cass Regional653624.62%
Belton Regional603575.00
10/8/2020Cass Regional69115815.94%
10/14/2020Belton Regional453426.67%
10/15/2020Cass Regional4563913.33%