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About Testing

A PCR test looks for the viral RNA in the nose, throat, or other areas in the respiratory tract to determine if there is an active infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  A positive PCR test means that the person has an active COVID-19 infection.  This is currently the only type of diagnostic test available for COVID-19.

Total PCR Tests Performed
(Cass County Residents)
11,263 (to date 7/25/2020)
Total % Positive of All Cass County Patients Tested by PCR
4.26% (to date 7/25/2020)
Weekly PCR Tests Performed 
(Cass County residents)
1,348 (7/12/2020-7/18/2020)
Weekly % Positive of All Cass County Patients Tested by PCR
6.38% (7/12/2020-7/18/2020)

Testing Events

Testing DateLocation# Tested# Positive# Negative% Positive
7/2/2020Cass Regional603575.00%
7/9/2020Cass Regional99168316.16%
7/14/2020Cass Regional1341811613.43%
7/16/2020Cass Regional113189515.93%
7/22/2020Belton Regional774735.19%
7/23/2020Cass Regional86216524.42%
7/29/2020Belton Regional95177817.89%
7/30/2020Cass Regional7396412.33%

*It is important to remember that the positivity rate for the testing events hosted by the Cass County Health Department will tend to be higher than the total County positivity rate because the qualifications for the testing events (symptoms or an exposure) will make participants more likely than the general population to test positive for COVID-19.