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About Safe Sitter®

Founded in 1980, Safe Sitter® is the only national nonprofit training program exclusively devoted to preparing young teens to be safe in unsupervised settings, whether home alone, sibling sitting or babysitting.  

Safe Sitter® is a one-day class that prepares students in grades 6-8 to be safe when they’re home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting.

The Safe Sitter® course offered by the Cass County Health Department is Safe Sitter Essentials with CPR.

Students must be registered a week in advance to secure their seat in the class.  Registration includes the registration form (found here) and the $40 class fee.  For more information, please contact Sarah Czech by email or call 816-380-8429.

Course Content

  • Safety Skills: Indoor safety, outdoor safety, online safety, and personal safety.
  • Child Care Skills: Child development, child care routines (including diapering practice), and behavior management.
  • First Aid & Rescue Skills: Injury prevention, injury management, CPR, and choking rescue.
  • Life & Business Skills: Screening jobs, setting fees, and greeting employers.

Upcoming Class Dates and Locations

***All Safe Sitter classes are postponed until further notice***