Public Administrator

  • Conservator
  • Court appointed guardian
  • Personal representative for wards, protectees and decedents  

The office of Public Administrator was originally created in 1880 by the Missouri Legislature. Every county in Missouri has a Public Administrators and all are elected except for Jackson, Saint Charles, and Saint Louis Counties, which are appointed positions. Their terms last for four years and are on the same cycle as the presidential election. Their duties are set forth by RSMo 473.743.

The Public Administrator acts as the court-appointed guardian and conservator for minor, disabled or incapacitated persons. These individuals are mentally or physically disabled, suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's or under 18 and have no one to willing or able to care for them. Public Administrator's may be established as a Guardian and/or Conservator to function as a neutral party, when there is conflict surrounding the management of an incapacitated person's affairs.

Public Administrators are appointed by Probate Court only. All individuals who want to have a Guardian or Conservator established for them or another must petition the court. Currently the process must be overseen by an attorney, who will become the Guardian Ad Litem until the judge rules.