Road & Bridge Department

Work Orders Submission Form

Cass County Road and Bridge are now accepting work orders online. Click the link here to fill out a form. The forms will be emailed directly to the Road and Bridge department to be handled as needed.

Dust Control Product to be Purchased by Homeowners

 A lot of residents in the county that reside on gravel roads find the dust bothersome and like to purchase dust control for their road frontage.  The Road & Bridge Department supports those endeavors for Cass County homeowners who choose to purchase an application of magnesium chloride.   Once you purchase your dust control solution the County will prep your road prior to your application and monitor the use of maintenance equipment after the roadway is treated.  It is important to know that road prep is critical for optimum performance and we will prep your road at no cost after you purchase dust control for your road frontage.  

We will work with (SWI) Scotwood Industries on the timelines of treatment and coordinate scheduling.  The deadline to order dust control is early to mid April each year.  For further inquires please feel free to contact Scotwood Industries, Inc. (SWI) at (913) 851-3500 or 1-800-884-2022.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cass County Road and Bridge Department is to provide citizens the safest driving conditions possible through proficient construction and maintenance of all county roads and bridges. Our departmental personnel maintain courteous public relations by providing information in a helpful and informative manner and upholds to the policies approved by the commissioners court. Our goal is to continuously strive for construction and maintenance improvements through use of new methods and materials.

Department Personnel Descriptions


  • Project planning
  • Budgeting
  • Public relations
  • Supervision

Road Crew

Maintenance operations consist of:
  • Seasonal mowing
  • Snow removal
  • Roadside enhancements, including, but not limited to, blading, ditching, application of rock, surface repair, and monitoring traffic safety
  • Encroachments for utility installations, approach encroachments, road reviews for subdivisions, etc.

Bridge Crew

Maintains all county bridge and culvert operations.

Sign Crew

Maintains all county road signs upgrades / installations and repairs according to MUTCD guidelines.

County Mechanic Garage

The shop maintains mechanical repairs and maintenance of all Road and Bridge county owned and leased equipment.

Driveway Entrance Application

Right of Way Work Permit Application