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Bid Title: Canine For Narcotic Detection and Tracking
Category: Sheriff Office
Status: Closed

Canine for Narcotic Detection and Patrol
Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Cass County Missouri
The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a bid for a dual purpose Canine for
Narcotic Detection and Tracking. The vendor must guarantee the quoted prices
for a period 120 days. The county reserves the right to terminate the contract for
any violation, by the successful bidder, of any term or condition of the contract by
giving thirty (30) days written notice stating the reasons therefore and giving the
party time to remedy any deficiencies. Bids shall be submitted in a sealed
envelope to Lieutenant Nicholas Sack at the Cass County Office by March 21st,
2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Mail sealed bids to:
Lieutenant Nicholas Sack
Cass County Sheriff’s Office
2501 W. Mechanic Street
Harrisonville Mo. 64701
The Cass County Sheriff's Office is seeking a dual purpose K-9 that will perform narcotics detection
duties to identify and locate narcotics substances. In addition to its narcotics detection duties, the
canine will be trained and utilized as a multi-purpose patrol dog that will have the abilities to enhance
patrol operations by a trained officer in building searches, area search, article search, tracking, intruder
detection, and patrol officer safety and criminal apprehension.
The vendor will be required to perform the following specific tasks:
1. Provide a patrol/narcotics detection canine (1–3 years of age, German Shepherd) vendor will provide
health guarantee and canine must pass physical at veterinarian of Cass County Sheriff's Office choosing.
Cass County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to approve offered canine.
2. Canine shall be able to demonstrate control and confidence while performing various tasks.
• Canine shall be imprinted and trained with actual narcotic substances (cocaine, meth and heroin).
• Canine shall be proficient in the areas of performance: Tracking (various types of surfaces) Area Search
(urban and rural environments) Building Search (able to perform on various floor surfaces) Article Search
(various types of objects with human odor)
• Canine shall be proficient in aggression control/apprehension in various types of deployment and
environmental settings. (Strong in the bite, outs, call offs and resends, gun fire, pat downs, deployment
from vehicle, runaway apprehension, vehicle extractions, re-engage decoy and handler protection).
• Canine shall be proficient, demonstrate confidence and control while performing obedience (sit, sit
stay, down, down stay, heel and turns, moving stay, moving down, recall, long down and hand signals).
• Canine shall possess strong social skills (user friendly for canine handler and desirable for public
4. Vendor shall provide a curriculum and course outline of a canine/handler training at the contractor’s
location. A lifetime of refresher training at the contractor’s location shall be included with the canine
5. Vendor shall be available upon subpoena to present testimony in the courts of the State when
necessary to establish proof of training qualifications for canine teams.
The vendor must demonstrate that he or she possesses the following qualifications:
1. Experience in handling patrol/narcotics detection canines.
2. Experience in training patrol/narcotics detection canines.
3. Experience and knowledge of the rulings and the expectations required by standards of case law of
the state and federal courts with regard to patrol/narcotics detection canines’ job tasks.
4. Recognition by state and federal courts as a qualified training expert of patrol/narcotics detection
5. Experience in the daily care and upkeep of canine and canine kennels.
1. Executive summary- vendors shall include the name, address, telephone and fax numbers of the
vendor, a statement regarding the vendor’s willingness to perform the services required and enter into a
contract with the State and a summary of the vendor’s ability to perform the services described herein.
The executive summary must be signed by a person having the authority to commit the vendor to a
2. Project approach and methodology- vendors shall provide a complete and detailed description of
Scope of Work. Vendors must document the approach methodology for each of the items listed in the
Scope of Work. At a minimum, vendor must submit the total training curriculum and course outline.
Vendors should, without divulging sensitive material, indicate the last time they were required to
provide expert witness testimony and give detailed accounting of requirements.
3. Canine- vendors shall provide a detailed statement advising how they will select the canine being
offered and what steps will be taken to ensure health certification. Vendors shall also provide a training
history of selected canine if available.
4. References- vendors shall provide a minimum of three references to include: the name of a contact
person, address, telephone and fax number (if available). The County reserves the right to contact
5. Qualifications- vendors shall provide a statement of qualifications as required above. Vendor shall
provide a detailed response to all qualification requests.
6. Cost- price should be included in proposal packet
Company: ___________________________________________________________________________
Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________Fax: __________________________________
Federal Tax Identification Number: ______________________________________________________
Estimated Completion Date: ___________________________________________________________
It is further understood and agreed by the undersigned in submitting this proposal that the County
reserves the following rights and privileges:
a. To accept or reject any or all Responses, and/or waive any of the informalities in the proposal process.
b. To reject all proposals which do not conform to or exceed these specifications, without altering price
of this proposal.
c. To re-bid anytime during the term of the contract.
Note: Proposer shall not add any conditions or qualifying statements to this bid, except as provided
herein, as otherwise the bid may be declared irregular as not being responsive to the Advertisement for
Bids. If you have questions regarding the specifications contained in this bid package, please contact:
Publication Date/Time:
2/25/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/21/2019 10:00 AM

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