Elected Officials

  1. Assessor

    Determines the assessed and appraised value of Real & Personal property.

  2. Auditor

    Responsible for establishing, implementing, and monitoring the accounting and budgeting system. The Auditor is responsible for preparing the County’s financial statements and coordinating the annual financial audit.

  3. Circuit Clerk/Courts

    Responsible for All Circuit Court Records, Civil and Criminal Case Records, Child Support Records and Jury Selections

  4. Collector

    View information about the Cass County Collector's Office.

  5. Commissioners

    The Cass County Commission enacts ordinances, resolutions and policies, supervises the activities of county departments, adopts the annual budget and conducts hearings on planning and zoning matters.

  6. County Clerk/Election Authority

    Thank you for visiting the Cass County Clerk's website. The County Clerk is responsible for several county administrative functions and Election responsibilities.

  7. Judges

    Find out who your Cass County Judges are.

  8. Prosecuting Attorney

    Charging and prosecuting misdemeanor and felony cases in Cass County and providing assistance to victims of crimes charged by the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office

  9. Public Administrator

    The Public Administrator is the court-appointed guardian and/or conservator for individuals who are unable to manage their own affairs and have no one else willing or able to do so without conflict.

  10. Recorder of Deeds

    The Cass County Recorder; Mike Medsker, is responsible for recording, indexing, and preserving all Cass County land transactions, marriages, and military discharges.

  11. Sheriff

    Cass County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement, by keeping the peace and protecting life and property, by being the servant of the courts, by maintaining custody and control of our prisoners, in and out of the jail.

  12. Treasurer

    The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the receipting, safekeeping, disbursement, and investment of county funds.