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This Office will be closed November 22 & 23 2018 for Thanksgiving.


If you have buildings that may be located within a Special Flood Hazard Area and have been affected by the recent flood event please contact our office. Building Permits are required for the reconstruction/repair.

 All Solar Systems are to be FULLY designed and original plans sealed and signed by either a Missouri Registered Engineer or Architect. The plans shall be Clearly drawn as a COMPLETE system to include all foundation and/or roof connection(s). The signatures shall be original wet signatures and not a copy or computer generated. Please refer to the application packet.

Remember to allow appropriate time for the plan review process as building permits are not issued at time of application.


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  • Zack Taylor - Inspector
  • Kip Thomas - Plan Reviewer/Inspector
  • Mallory Patton General Questions/Permit Tech
  • Valerie McCubbin - Zoning Officer/Office Manager
  • Wayne Tiffany - On-Site Waste Water (Septic)

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On-Site Waste Water (Septic)

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